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•Water systems Design
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    $ 169.00

    1.Antimicrobial ACF activity carbon fiberfilter

    Activated carbon fiber, adsorption precision filtration, 2000m/lg surface area, equivalent to activated carbon 5 times the purification effect, quickly and effectively filter out the residual chlorine, organic matter and other harmful substances in tap water, greatly improve the skin hydration effect, alleviate various skin problems.

    At the same time, activated carbon fiber also adds inorganic silver antibacterial materials to effectively inhibit common harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and inhibit the growth of bacteria while chlorination, ensure the pure and healthy water, and solve the pain points of residual water easy to accumulate bacteria after chlorination.


    2.VC fragrance filter element

    The filter contains Korean VC, which is mainly composed of vitamin C concentrate, bovine mucus, essence (heywort, lemon, rose), glycerin and bovine milk powder. Make each spray of water has its own fragrance, in the hot water mist, release a light fragrance, bath at the same time there is a pleasant sensory experience, let the body and mind thoroughly relax.

    3.Purification effect

    • Moisturize the skin, maintain the hair
    • remove rust and other heavy metals
    • 99% removal of chlorine in the water
    • softening water
    • bathroom oxygen anion increase
    • water soft and smooth and clear
    • remove the smell of water, fishy and turbidity
    1. Effect after use
    • Reduce acne on the body ● Relieve inflammation of the skin
      ● Prevent hair splitting and shedding ● Make skin smooth, remove pruritus and dryness

    5.Product parameters

    Filter flow rate: 5-7umin Applicable
    environment :5-65C 0.1-0.4MPa
    Material: ABS resin silica gel stainless steel
    Filtration total amount: 10000L-12000L depends on water quality
    Implement standard GB/T23447-2009
    Filter element: carbon fiber filter element VC fragrance filter element
    Applicable environment :5-65C 0.1-0.4MPa


    6.Instructions for use
    Carbon fiber over the core to the water from the date of life is defined as 3-6 months :VC fragrance from the day of unsealing life is defined as 2-3 months: Please replacement on time to maintain the normal use effect. Delayed use is easy to cause the product effect is not ideal or failure state. The service life of carbon fiber filter and VC fragrance filter depends on water quality and water consumption.
    7 .Warranty

    Limited one year warranty

    AirTree Water Quality Inc, guarantees to the original owner that,for a period of one year from the date of purchase,the shower filter will be free from defects in material and workmanship.The carbon fiber core and VC fragrance capture core,which are expendable,are not covered under this warranty.This warranty does not include normal shipping, installation or service charges.

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