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BRASS Tank Tee

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BRASS Tank Tee Installation package Water Well Pressure Tank

SPECIFICATIONS – Includes (1) 40/60 Square D Pressure Switch; (1) ½” Brass Pressure Relief Valve; (1) ½” Brass Boiler Drain; (1) ¼” Brass Nipple; (1) 100psi Pressure Gauge.

  • UNION INCLUDED – This water well pressure tank comes brand new and includes a 1×11 tank tee with a union.
  • SOLID BRASS – You will not find any lead in this tank tee as it has been made with a solid brass construction.
  • FEATURES – Threaded connections on inlets and outlets. This is a genuine product manufactured by Boshart Industries.
  • BONUS – For no extra cost, a roll of teflon tape is included in this package.