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WellMate composite tanks

$ 652.00

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WellMate composite tanks are the tank of choice in residential applications for their unmatched durability. Their fiberglass construction makes the tanks impervious to rust. In addition, their epoxy-resin sealed outer shell will not dent and the scratch-resistant paint eliminates touch-ups, making WellMate tanks virtually maintenance-free. Whether it be captive air tanks, retention tanks and traditional air/water tanks, WellMate has the tank to best fit your needs.

MATE 15;14.5 GALLON ;1″MPT (PRICE:$652+TAX)

MATE 20;19.8 GALLON ;1″MPT(PRICE:$715+TAX)

MATE 30;29.5 GALLON ;1″MPT(PRICE:$1037+TAX)

MATE 40;40.3 GALLON ;1″MPT(PRICE:$1198+TAX)

MATE80;86.7 GALLON;1 1/4″MPT(PRICE:$1795+TAX)

MATE120;119.7 GALLON; 1 1/4″MPT(PRICE:$2148+TAX)