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Viqua (Trojan) UVMax Pro10 UV Sterilizer

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Viqua (Trojan) UVMax Pro10 commercial UV sterilizers

Description, Features & Benefits

NSF-55 Class A ValidatedViqua’s Pro series UV sterilizers are arguably the most advanced residential / light commercial UV sterilizers currently available on the market. They are packed with technology designed to eliminate many of the common problem with competitors’ NSF-55 Class A validated UV sterilizers while providing the highest possible level of UV dose monitoring for true peace-of-mind operation and regulatory compliance.

The Viqua (formerly Trojan) UVMax Pro10 is the smallest member of Viqua’s revolutionary Pro Series product line. It is independently certified by NSF to a maximum flow rate of 10 gallons per minute at a UV dose of at least 40mJ/cm2.

The Pro10 is a full featured unit offering convenient color-coded plug & play connections, a sophisticated UV intensity monitor, innovative high-output amalgam lamps with 2 year service life, dynamic flow restrictor, true UV dose monitoring incorporating UV intensity and flow rate data, built-in cooling system, and a host of other performance and convenience features designed to make installation, operation, and maintenance as simple as possible.

The Pro10 is suitable for the treatment of private wells and surface water supplies, as well as municipal water for those seeking a higher level of confidence in the safety of the water supply. The Pro10 is well suited to typical residential and light commercial water treatment applications where a Class A NSF certified (Standard 55) model is desired or required by regulators. It is the industry’s most popular UV sterilizer for regulated community point-of-entry water treatment treatment systems. It is also a very popular choice in executive homes, and light commercial applications including day cares, residential care homes, bed & breakfasts, restaurants, small resorts, lodges, and similar facilities.

The Viqua Pro10 controller includes a unique and intuitive display with LED status lights that correspond to each component of the system. At a quick glace, the operator can identify the status of each component – green means all is good, orange means maintenance is required, and red means there is a fault. The controller automatically senses line voltage between 100 and 240 volts for consistent UV output and performance in varying electrical operating conditions.

The Pro10 uses Viqua’s industry-leading amalgam lamp technology which offers up to double the lamp life of competitors’ systems – 2 years! That means less maintenance and lower lamp costs over the life of the system. The amalgam lamps are also more stable thereby producing more consistent output at varying temperatures and over the life of the lamp.

The system continuously monitors the UV dose to ensure that the water is receiving an adequate dose of UV light to kill the bacteria, viruses, etc. The Pro10 takes UV dose monitoring to a new level by measuring both UV intensity and the flow rate of the water rather than simply assuming that the system is always running at full capacity. Accordingly, when the water flow rate is less than the system’s capacity (which is the majority of the time), the system can use its excess treatment capacity to handle temporary reductions in UV transmittance that would cause nuisance alarms in competitors’ UV systems. This technology represents one of the greatest advancements in UV performance monitoring that the residential/light commercial UV market has ever seen. NSF-55 Class A validated UV sterilizes are notroious for being very sensitive to decreases in UV transmittance because of the nature of the validation requirements. This technology greatly reduces nuisance UV intensity alarms.

Data from the system’s flow meter is also used in the Pro 10’s LightWise technology, which dims the UV lamp when the water is not flowing to save power, reduce heat built up and decrease sleeve fouling.

Combined with the LightWise technology, the CoolTouch fan system which is integrated into every Pro Series model, assists in system cooling during periods of inactive water use where conventional UV systems can often heat the water considerably as the water absorbs heat from the UV lamp. The CoolTouch fan thereby helps ensure maximum UV dose under all conditions.

An integrated flow restrictor is included with the unit to ensure that the maximum rated flow is never exceeded. The Pro10 features combination 1 inch female NPT / 1 1/4 inch male NPT inlet and outlet connection ports. The Viqua UVMax Pro10 can be equipped with an optional solenoid emergency shut-off kit, as often required by regulators. For more information on the emergency shut-off valve.