Air Tree Canada | 3M™ Iron Reduction Filtration System 150
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Our Product

3M™ Iron Reduction Filtration System 150



The 3M™ Iron Reduction Filtration System 150 treats water as it enters your home. The 3MAPPM Series Iron Reduction Filtration Systems help reduce dissolved, precipitated and bacterial iron from your water supply. Contrary to conventional methods, your 3MAPPM Series Iron Reduction Filtration System requires NO chemicals for iron oxidation. The 3MAPPM Series Iron Reduction Filtration Systems include a state-of-the-art valve that allows monitoring and control for every function and cycle. This unique process requires ONLY periodic backwashing for a few minutes to flush out entrapped iron that has accumulated in the media tank. This helps minimize energy and water waste.


  • Addresses staining on clothing, fixtures and water using appliances.
  • Does not use harsh chemicals.
  • Helps reduce appliance service calls.
  • Diminishes metallic tastes


Additional Information

Reduction Claims Iron and Rust
Dimensions Media Tank: 10″D x 54″H Aeration Tank: 10″D x 54″H Media: 1.5 Cubic Feet
Temperature Range 40 – 110°F (4.4 – 43.3°C)
Pressure Range 20 – 50 psi (138 – 345 kPa)
Flow Rate Service Flow Rate: 3 gpm (11.4 lpm) Backwash Flow Rate: 5.3 gpm (20.0 lpm)
Installation Manual 3MAPPM_Manual.pdf
Specification Sheet 3MAPPM_Spec.pdf



Installation Difficulty

Novice Installation Skills Intermediate Installation Skills Advanced Installation Skills Professional Installation

Skills Needed

  • 3M recommends that that this product be installed by a plumbing professional. To order installation of this product, simply check the box next to installation.